Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sketching Reunion

I received a beautiful sketchbook and fountain pen for Christmas and it has brought me back to my love of sitting around and sketching. My son is to the point that he can play independently for a little while, so I've been finding little pockets of time here and there to sketch at home. Until now my mommy-painter life has been focused on working in the studio and I've missed that quietness.

I also feel myself in a bit of transition in my current Bird series- the past few pieces have contained very few birds and more of the landscape. I'm starting to feel like I'm hanging onto the birds when all I really want to paint is the landscape. We'll see where I go. Here are a few recent paintings:

This one is about 4' wide- it's not so easy to see it here:

My first "bird-less" landscape in a while:

And this one is still in progress. I put a moon in for my moon-man child:

Hope you all are safe and warm wherever you may be-

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