Monday, November 22, 2010

Making Spaces.

Just a quick post of what has been going on in the studio lately. I've been trying to create more variety of spaces within my paintings lately and also work on a larger scale than my 12" and 18" squares of Phin's early childhood. Since I'm working with acrylic, I don't have to gesso my canvas before I start work. I've been employing different methods of starting a painting- leaving the canvas raw in some parts, gessoing others, and priming some parts with dark brown. I don't have a concrete image in mind when I begin and use a general idea of what kind of spaces I want to create and the finding of at least one bird to anchor my work. I love making marks and splotches of color and the way that I can use the act of painting to find and describe worlds.

Well, onto the images. I'm not much of a writer:

This is an 18" square:

This one is maybe 3 feet wide- not sure:

And this one is day 2 of my latest. It's about 4 feet wide:

...Wait, that's day one, here is day 2 (and closer to the actual color):

I'll be working on the piece above this Friday from 2-6 during Lillstreet's "Sip and Shop" on Nov. 26th. Grab some wine downstairs in the gallery and come on up to the 3rd floor. You can visit me and refill your cup!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all- I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to make work.

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