Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter in the Studio

I need to work on larger works, so I started the above yesterday. It's 3'x4'- not huge, but much bigger than the 1 and 2 foot squares I've been painting on for most of the year. I'm still concentrating on using the "stuff" of acrylic paint. I began this one on the ground by covering it with matte medium. I then sprinkled dry pigment in spots and then used a giant piece of charcoal to move the medium around and to find marks. I'm hoping I don't finish this one too soon- it's been a good couple of days. I'm missing Winston (see the rat paintings/drawings on my website). He may need to make an appearance.

I'm still working on small works, too. In the one below I'm remembering the Grand Canyon- it's a 12" square.

My 2 year old studio mate is also doing work of his own- he has been given red, yellow, blue, and white tempera paints and a new mixing palette. He is thrilled and has figured out how to make gray on purpose. He also likes to tell me what colors to mix, "A little yellow here" and "now more white". Eerily it's often what I had planned to use next. I suppose he's been in my studio since he was 2 weeks old and he probably knows my habits by now, so perhaps it's not so surprising.

Here he is sitting on my chair with me and giving instructions:

I'm hoping for some dreams to draw soon- I have done so few since the birth of my son. I suppose I need to be able to reflect upon waking rather than immediately be needed as mommy. I hate the idea, but I may need to get up extra early to get an hour jump on the kid. It may be the only way.

Wish me luck, world. This late sleeper is going to set up for tomorrow morning and try it. (Stop laughing, Mike.)