Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning Journal

I've been trying to find more bits of time to get some drawing in, and I've come to realize that I almost always wake up around 4 and don't sleep for about an hour. Aha! What a perfect time to slip out of bed and draw some dreams. It worked yesterday (for about 30 minutes until Phin woke up because I wasn't there- we still co-sleep.) Here is the dream from Jan. 27th:

Today, Phin was up many times in the night with what I'm guessing was teething pain. Needless to say, at 4:00a.m. I was comforting him and giving him a bottle instead of drawing. I did manage to do a quick sketch of him during breakfast, though. So that's something.

Now it's time to change a diaper and get ready for an art-viewing adventure with a friend from college. Phin hasn't yet been to a large art museum- we'll see how he likes it.

Take care, all!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Painting with a One Year Old in your Studio

Now that Phin is walking and doesn't happily hang out in my wrap anymore, it's become a bit more interesting in the studio. I still have the pack 'n play and he does play in there sometimes, but he really wants to be on the move exploring. I'm amazed at how flexible I have become and how much I can accomplish in 10 minute bursts. He sits on my lap, he draws on a piece of paper I put on the wall next to my painting, and I've recently decided to let his presence in the studio be seen in the work.

On Monday we did our first collaboration, as you can see by this detail shot.

I have begun a 32"x34" painting on canvas with acrylic. In my pursuit of exploring the paint, I did not prime the canvas first with gesso. Instead, I painted some marks directly on the raw canvas and used medium to coat some of the other parts of the canvas. That way I could really play with the surface I was working on- the paint goes on so differently to raw canvas versus one with a paint or medium ground. The collaboration came when there was a spot in the lower part of the painting I needed to "mess up". Enter baby. I gave him a mechanical pencil and let him work in that spot making both pencil marks and moving the wet paint around. He enjoyed it and I love watching him discover different materials and all the ways he can use them. I'm not sure how "present" his mark will be in my future work, but I do want to continue to paint and I do want to continue to have him with me as much as possible. So we'll just see how it goes.

Here is the full painting in progress and a studio shot of my guy:

Have a wonderful week and be well!