Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Morning Journal

I've been trying to find more bits of time to get some drawing in, and I've come to realize that I almost always wake up around 4 and don't sleep for about an hour. Aha! What a perfect time to slip out of bed and draw some dreams. It worked yesterday (for about 30 minutes until Phin woke up because I wasn't there- we still co-sleep.) Here is the dream from Jan. 27th:

Today, Phin was up many times in the night with what I'm guessing was teething pain. Needless to say, at 4:00a.m. I was comforting him and giving him a bottle instead of drawing. I did manage to do a quick sketch of him during breakfast, though. So that's something.

Now it's time to change a diaper and get ready for an art-viewing adventure with a friend from college. Phin hasn't yet been to a large art museum- we'll see how he likes it.

Take care, all!


RoseMary said...

Love the picture.
I wish I could draw faces, maybe someday. After number of classes.
I am a grandma that takes care of my two year old grandson, this would make a great topic to comment on in a blog.

Melanie P. Brown said...

Hi RoseMary,
Thanks for the comment. How wonderful that your grandson gets to develop a close relationship with his Grandma! Do you do art together?

As for drawing faces, I think one of the most important things is to forget you're drawing a face when you do it.