Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Well that was silly...

Hello all,
Despite the snow showers we still keep getting it is officially Spring, so I decided to concentrate on cleaning and organizing home last week.  And wow, that failed.  
A) I am a terrible organizer and so-so cleaner.  
B) My son follows me around undoing all of my straightening up,
 and C)  Going without painting for 10 days is a big mistake.  My mental health kind of depends on the painting.

So this week I'm back on track and getting into the studio and leaving the mess behind.  If we have food, clothes, and the house doesn't smell, that's enough home success for me.

I'm working on a painting that I began on raw canvas and with the most unappealing dark colors and no texture.  Just thought I'd start out really, really differently and see what happened.  Here is how it looked after the first day:

I let Phin do some marks at the bottom - he chose cerulean and it became a branch.   So, yeah I think it was really ugly.  But like I tell my students, ugly doesn't necessarily equal bad- just like pretty usually doesn't equal good.    I was trying to find another way to get from A to B.

Anyway, here is what happened next:

I decided that I needed to put a moon in for my moon-loving son (though it kind of turned into an orange).  Here are a couple of details so you can see the texture a little better:

Eh, not the best thing I've ever made, but it opens up some new ideas for me.
I'll write again soon- hopefully with new dream images.  I'm de-cluttering this week to make some more space at home- both literal and mental space- so that I can start drawing at home again.  I've got a couple dreams I need to get down on paper.  

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week wherever you are.

Be well,