Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Project

I am enamored by texture, mark, and color, the possible juxtapositions of which are endless.  Through my many years of painting and drawing from observation I have digested an enormous vocabulary of ways space can be created.  When I allow the material to work in tandem with my memory and imagination I tend to arrive at landscapes- maps of my moods and the structure of my thoughts.

With this new project I have embraced the landscape by listening to Whitewater Songpath from composer and musician Ryan Ingebritsen and have allowed the audio to influence my decisions.  I am very excited about where this is headed and quite pleased that Ryan is enthusiastic as well.  This is the very beginning, but I will be posting as more work is made.

I have always surrounded myself with musicians and have in the past privately used drawing as a way to connect with performers while sitting in the audience. Making work to music allows me to actively and physically listen to sound- my marks are dance steps that are coaxed into choreography by the influence of the audio.

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