Thursday, February 4, 2010


So I've had a lot of dreams about sewing my body:

And trading feet with someone so I could take care of her infected toe for her:

I have been more prolific with these dream drawings in the past- I'm having more vivid dreams again as my son gets older and we all get to sleep through the night again. The idea of getting up early to do this has not happened- I still remain hopeful.

The studio of late has been a good experience- Phin is still with me most of the time and paints with tempera on a big piece of paper on the wall next to me. He also sometimes sits in my lap as I paint and tries to tell me what to do "mommy mix dark blue. little white. make goopy! Put right there." I started my newest painting by allowing him to guide my color mixing and also allowed him to make some marks on the blank canvas for me to play off.

Here it is:

And here is what Phin was doing while I painted:

It's strange, but having him with me all the time has helped to focus my work. I can't sit and think and sip my coffee if I want to get anything done- I just have to do it and do it now. That directness and speed has really served me well and I'm just pushing on with the bird imagery as far as it can take me.

I am very excited that I will have every Thursday without him and can begin printing again- I have begun a new etching and am looking forward to posting new prints in the near future.

I have also been working on these two pieces- mostly done:

Acrylic on canvas 18" square

Acrylic and ink on canvas 3'x4'

I'm beginning to realize that while I make all this work I don't necessarily know what to do with it once it's done. I have decided to show as much as I can this year and have already had a group show at the Robert Wayner Gallery and will be showing elsewhere early this Spring- you can check my website for details as they come. It's not a part of art making I've been concerned with in the past, but I'm feeling more of a need to have the work seen and am now willing to part with some painting time so that framing, postcards, and proposing shows can get done.

It is coming up on midnight, so I will now go and dream and perhaps draw about it in the morning.


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