Monday, November 23, 2009

Mike is off this week, so I get to paint alone in my studio. I had my first solo session in quite a while yesterday and worked on a couple paintings. I love having my son with me, but it is quite different to be alone with my work. I kept stopping after 10 minutes, since that is usually how long I have before I have to help Phin with something.

Well, here is what happened:

It's an 18" square and the pink in the sky is actually a bit more orange in person.

Here is a detail:

I also began a new piece:



More and more I am starting completely abstractly with no plan of where the birds will go- more of just an idea of color and what kind of space the piece will have. I then "find" the birds and paint out what is unnecessary. I have always enjoyed letting a painting reveal itself to me- I actually can't imagine painting any other way. To me a painting needs to be alive and changing- a constant dialog between us.

I will be showing at Chicago's Black Walnut Gallery in January, but before then you can come visit me in my studio Dec. 5th and 6th during Lillstreet's open house. I'll be there from 12-5 both days.

4401 N. Raveswood
3rd Floor

There will be free kids activities from 12-5 on the 5th, so feel free to bring the younger members of your family.

Enjoy the Holiday week!

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tammy said...

Love your new work, as always!